March 16, 2006

Paris Update

It's still cold here in Paris, but I think we have finally conquered the WiFi Challenge and am sitting at the Café Mondrian on the Boulevard St. Germain having a kir and posting a Blog!

Above is a photo taken this morning from my kitchen window on the 7th Floor. What a fabulous view! You should see it at night with the full moon! In case you've seen or read about the student riots here in Paris, they are taking place at the Sorbonne, right outside our front door - literally. When we came here tonight we passed busloads of riot police in full gear. Imagine, the students are protesting that they will no longer receive lifetime contracts with their first jobs.

Did some great shopping today and found some fabulous prints that I will put on the website as soon as we're back. Some nice surprises for me and for you too!

Lots of great exhibitions here - going to the Bonnard Show over the weekend, also Rousseau, Bellmer, and Los Angeles 1965-1985 at the Centre Pompidou.

Keep the Faith - I'll be back!

P.S. As we sit here, at least 25 small armored police vans, no exageration are passing by the café en route to the Sorbonne. Guess things are heating up!

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