March 17, 2006

Café Mondrian

Hello from my new office away from home! The Café Mondrian is on the Boulevard St. Germain near Rue de Seine and they offer free wireless connections so I can use my own computer while I enjoy a kir and watch the people go bustling by.

Today was very exciting with the student riots, but the big day is supposed to be tomorrow when busloads of protesters and riots are expected to arrive from the Provinces. A little excitement last night after dinner when the riot police had totally blocked our street and forbade us admittance. It took 3 tries, at 3 different locations to finally gain access to our block and our temporary home! Hopefully we will be able to go back without incident tonight, but Saturday is anybody's guess.

It is still cold but sunny here. Found some great prints and can't wait to share them on the website ( when we get home.

Now we are heading off to dinner at a wonderful restaurant called Moissonier. Husband and wife team offers some great Lyonnaise cuisine.

A bientôt!

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