December 18, 2010

An Amazing Sight

I woke up early this Saturday morning, thanks to a car radio blaring Latin music at 6:30 AM. But as I raised the shades to see who was causing this commotion I saw a marvelous sight. There, on a leafless tree branch, right outside my bedroom window, was a huge bird! First I thought it was an owl, but a little checking on the Internet showed that it was in fact quite a rare species, a Merlin Hawk, usually rather small by hawk standards but with his feathers plumped up against the cold of a December morning, he looked quite impressive indeed!

He sat on the branch for almost an hour, not moving except to turn his head. Then, in a sudden motion, he swooped down toward the street and was gone. The magical moment was over. Now I'm almost grateful for that car radio! And you thought wildlife in Manhattan meant a discotheque!

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