August 13, 2017

Another Chapter....

I should apologize to my loyal readers who must be wondering why I dropped off the face of the Blogosphere without warning.  It was not a conscious decision but rather a matter of writer's burnout and a lack of motivation exacerbated by the loss of my mother last year.  I wrote the blogs, fifty posts a year for eleven years, as a creative writing exercise that was challenging and satisfying for me personally but also provided my aged mother with a window on the world in which she could no longer participate.  Without her prodding, I must admit, I got a little lazy and now I'm finding it very difficult to get back in the routine.

However, while on hiatus I have discovered the marvelous possibilities of Instagram where photos are the main focus but a little commentary adds context to the imagery.  I have not completely abandoned the blog medium, but I would encourage you to check out Instagram, it's an app on your smart phone, and especially to visit my page at KelmanArt.  Here I have posted pictures and videos of art and events and travel and just cool stuff that I hope you will find stimulating and fun.  It's a whole new way to connect and you might even find yourself creating a page of your own!

So this is not a goodbye, but an au revoir, until the next time, with gratitude...


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