September 18, 2010

Announcing Catalogue Number Five!

I am pleased to announce the publication of my fifth catalogue!

Georgina Kelman :: Works on Paper presents "Catalogue Number Five", a selection of European and American fine prints, drawings and watercolors from the Victorian Era to the Jazz Age. As with the previous editions, this catalogue offers works by such 19th and early 20th Century artists as BĂ©rard, Chahine, Degas, Helleu, Lepape, Steinlen, Villion and Tissot plus a few undiscovered genius'! This is a labor of love, and I hope you enjoy browsing the collection.

Many of these pieces, plus a lot more, can be viewed on my website, If you would like to know more about the catalogue or have any specific art requests, you can contact me directly from the site.

Summer is quickly becoming a faded memory, but we have the new fall season to look forward to! Please check back often as I share my art adventures on this blog. Thank you for visiting and hope to see you soon!

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