April 27, 2008

Spring is in the Air!

There is nothing more wonderful than a perfect Spring day and last week in New York was an embarrassment of riches! Beautiful clear blue skies, gentle warm breezes and mild temperatures put a smile on every one's face and made any excuse to get outside seem like a good idea!

So last Friday morning I set off with my camera for a walk in Central Park. It was glorious. Runners, bikers, walkers, strollers, old, young, residents and visitors, everyone was enjoying the beauty of the Park. Many folks were also taking photos and we greeted each other with a camaraderie that is rare in an urban setting.

Everywhere you looked trees and flowers were coming alive with the promise of Spring. From the faint green of new leaves, to the vibrant pinks of cherry and magnolia blossoms the former browns and grays of the long winter were rapidly being replaced. The lilac grove was starting to bloom and there was not one passerby who could resist the lure of the scent of lilac!

Even the sea lions at the Central Park Zoo were happy as they swam in their pool and then enjoyed a nice fish breakfast from their trainer!

It's finally time to throw off your overcoat and drink in the promise of a new beginning and LIFE!!!

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