May 14, 2007

Claude Monet at Wildenstein

Feel like a trip to France but can't get there right now? Why not head over to East 64th Street in New York City and feast your eyes on this beautiful collection of paintings by the master of French Impressionism, Claude Monet, now on view at the Wildenstein Gallery.

Prepared as an homage to patriarch Daniel Wildenstein, and as a benefit for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, this superb exhibition features 60 paintings from institutions and private collections on both sides of the Atlantic. From early still lifes to post-Impressionist landscapes, this group has something from every phase of his career. Poppy Fields, Grain Stacks, Snow Scenes, Venetian Canals, Trouville-sur-Mer, London Bridges, Japanese Bridges and Water Lilies - this is truly a "greatest hits" of some of the most famous images in late 19th Century art. All presented in one of the most elegant townhouses on the posh Upper East Side.

This rare opportunity to view these iconic works of art runs through June 15th. You don't need a passport, just hop on the bus!


Margie said...

But you do need some cash - $10.00 I read. Haven't seen it yet but intend to, admission price or no.

Georgina Kelman said...

Yes, there is an admission fee, but it benefits Breast Cancer Research. And it's only $5 for seniors and students.