June 09, 2006

If it's June...

If it's June it must be Art Basel! So on Monday night we fly to Zurich and catch a train to Basel just in time for the Professional Preview starting at 11:00 on Tuesday. We may be a little jet-lagged, but we'd hate to miss the opening of what The New York Times calls "The Olympics of the Art World".

The 37th Edition of Art Basel will feature 290 galleries offering the greatest examples of art from Modern Masters to ultra contemporary installation pieces drawn from the 4 corners of the earth. In addition, the city of Basel pulls out all the stops with its many museums offering block-buster shows so there is a constant stream of art world types moving en masse from one event to another.

After Switzerland, we will fly to Nice, pick up a car and rendezvous with our good friend Laurence at her home in Mougins. A week on the Riviera should be fabulous with great food and lots of wonderful places to visit and explore. Finally, we will be taking the TGV up to Paris for a few days to see our friends and colleagues and to catch some exhibitions.

So please check back often as I am expecting some great blog material and can't wait to share our adventures with you!

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