April 04, 2006

The Master of the Corset - Henri Boutet

For years I have loved the work of the Belle Epoque artist Henri Boutet (1851-1919). His portrayals of pretty women ranging from young shop girls to sophisticated ladies eptiomize the genre "la Parisienne". In fact, his ability to capture their qualities of coquettishness and femininity earned him the nickname "le Petit maƮtre au corset (The Master of the Corset)"!

Boutet's main body of work is print-based. He was an excellent draftsman, and his drawings translated superbly to fine printing techniques such as etchings and drypoint. Many of his prints were limited to an edition of 20 or less, yet they remain very reasonably priced.

Boutet was clearly someone who loved women. His charming depictions of the fairer sex continue to delight in this contemporary age.

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