March 28, 2006

Home Again

We're back in New York after a wonderful time in Old Europa. Thinking back over the past 2 1/2 weeks, it seems like both a short time and a very long time! Maastricht seems like ages ago, but sitting here in bed drinking coffee and looking out the window at the still leafless tree, it seems like we've never been away.

Actually, we left Paris in the nick of time as they are expecting massive demonstrations and a general strike today, Tuesday, as further protest to the CPE (student employment contract). The students have now been joined by the "Voyou" (thugs) and the "Casseurs" (looters, literally "breakers"), who have turned these demonstrations into violent gatherings where people are really getting hurt.

Now the season is getting underway here with more art fairs, the Book Fair, museum shows and lots more to report on. Saw some daffodils from the taxi last night and that's a sure sign that Spring is in the air! Bye for now!

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