March 26, 2006

Guten Morgen Frankfurt!

A short report from Frankfurt where it is raining, but mild. Arrived yesterday and were able to see an exhibition of the Watercolors and Pastels of Max Beckmann at the Schirn Kunsthalle in the historic part of the city. Max Beckmann is not my favorite artist, but his works on paper are more appealing than his heavy paintings. Such cheery titles as "The Morgue", 1922, "The Murder", 1933, and, "Hell and Limbo", 1949, describe the dark and sinister aspects of his work. There were a few lighter subjects, such as a view of a couple seated together drinking champagne at a Berlin cabaret in the 1920's, and an impressive self-portrait. Max Beckmann was a major figure in post-German Expressionism, and oddly enough, dropped dead of a heart attack on Central Park West around 64th Street in the 1940's!

Last night, we were invited to dinner at the home of Dr. and Mrs. Ewald Rathke, a gallerist and art dealer of the old school. Very proper, very knowledgable and very fine material. The kind of art dealer who would help his clients to form solid, intelligent collections, and not just sell them what's fashionable at the moment. Frau Rathke is a fantastic chef and once again we were treated to a wonderful evening of gourmet delights and wonderful conversation. We returned to the hotel after 2 AM and with the arrival of European Daylight Savings Time this morning, are pushing to get to the train station then to the airport. Back to Paris, another, final, art fair, then the big pack up and flight home tomorrow afternoon.

It's been a great trip and made even more fun with the added dimension of sharing our adventures with you! Back soon!

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