January 09, 2006

Dada Statement

Did anyone see the story of the Neo-Dadaist who attacked the Marcel Duchamp "Urinal" at the Centre Pompidou "Dada" exhibition in Paris? The show closed yesterday in preparation for travel to the National Gallery in Washington DC, where it opens, in a reduced form, next month. This artist decided to make a statement and took a hammer to one of the most famous, important pieces of 20th Century Art! Managed to chip the sculpture and they are assessing the damage. It certainly brought some added publicity to an already extremely popular exhibition. Wonder what the real Dadaists think?

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Plump Cucurbita said...

Many years ago when I was taking summer classes in Florence, I had a professor that took us around to see Michelangelo's David in the Galleria dell'Accademia. He told us of a similar story to this; a local artist — frustrated by the oppressive amount of history he was surrounded by — took a hammer to the toes of the statue of David.

People froze for a moment, then dove to the ground to retrieve the resulting scattered bits of stone. My professor's tale concluded with the doors of the Galleria being promptly bolted and security threatening searches until the pieces "miraculously" appeared again on the floor.

As time went by I thought my imagination must have embellished my professor's narrative, that it couldn't possibly have actually happened, that perhaps my teacher and his flair for drama had indeed infected my memory. To add to my doubt I had never encountered any article confirming his lecture.

This post inspired me to research the story. It didn't take more than 2 minutes to find a Wikipedia article that supports my professor. You will note in this article that the David was indeed attacked in 1991. Michelangelo's David